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Hi there! I’m Jose, a software engineer working in San Francisco, California. Like to bring ideas to live and work on challenges.


Code is my passion. I work in my free time on personal projects and also push some of my discoveries about new technologies. Open source rocks!


Love to discuss and work on ideas. A good evening to me is brainstorming with my friends on the park. Think similar? Drop me an email ;)


Here are some of the personal projects I have been working on recently.


You will find me around meetups on San Francisco. Yelp Product counts, Docker and Java devs are some of the meetups I usually go


Software engineer and entrepreneur
Bringing ideas to life is one of my passions. Create a better world through software is my challenge.

Have worked on frontend, backend and touched mobile development. I like to consider myself full stack although normally I have been working on backend. Try to keep updated with new technologies and interested on new ways of development.

Focused on high scalable systems although I reckon mobile development is one of my passions. Like the idea of working on an app/idea that has the potential to reach millions of people.

Some cool projects I worked on my free time are: information surrounding videos based on metadata and image recognition per frame, augmented reality: rendering real 3d cars on toy models, tips for places when visiting a new place... Worked with several technologies but focused at the moment on Node.js and Spring MVC as quite liked them and had good results

  • Backend

    Spring {MVC, Data, Rest...}, GCE, Kafka, Elastic Search and Solr

  • Frontend

    Backbone.js, Angular.js, Ionic

  • Mobile

    Ionic, Angularjs, Android

  • Architecture and high availability

    Web services architecture, scalability strategies, cloud deployments, devops


I had the chance to work with some amazing people

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