After months and months of indecision I finally decided to put my latest information online so I can reach anyone in the world.
Recently I moved to the valley and realized my PR (not pull requests 😉 ) skills were over the ground so decided to advertise myself a bit more and start creating this personal blog.

On this site I will be posting about technology, entrepreneurship and what concerns me in those areas as they are the ones I frequent more.

Jose David Baena Carrasco - Entrepreneurial course TVLP Silicon Valley

My idea is to write regularly about projects, conferences, programming contests I follow and meetups I normally go so I can connect to other people in the IT industry.
If you are around San Francisco or Silicon Valley drop me an email! Also, if you have any suggestions, I always welcome constructive feedback 😉

Hope you enjoy the website as much as I enjoy building it on my free time and who knows, maybe one day we work together 😉

See you until next time!


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