End of 2015

Year 2015 is coming to an end and decided to have some reflexions about what happened during this year and my expectations for the next one:



Have been working full time for a company but decided to work on my idea (Utiltube) on weekends and evenings. Lot of work has been done, however, I realized I needed to manage better my time.

The main idea was prototyped in a month, although lot of things need to be done. Here is a sneak peek:

Example cooking recipe

Example cooking recipe with Utiltube app

Music videos with artist information

Utiltube. Music videos with artist information.

With the idea, I went to Silicon Valley (Menlo Park) on May, on a course called Technology Venture Launch program, where I met lot of quality entrepreneurs and investors. Went to main angel forums in SF and met some VCs. Main interest was to know how it works the tech model in SV and got a pretty good idea about it.

Visit to Amazon Labs 126

Visit to Amazon Labs 126 – TVLP

During the course I learnt about basics of financing for the idea, pitching, resource management… but most important and what I really liked about the course was that it is important to fail. You just try again with more knowledge on your wing. I think this attitude is what makes the SV ecosystem raise on top of the rest.

This opened my mind and I decided to come to San Francisco. Luckily enough, my company was expanding and got an O1 visa for work, letting me move to USA.

At the same time, I met the guys from App the table, which were working a food truck application, although they may expand in the future. I decided I wanted to help them whenever was possible. Really liked the idea and the people so why not give my 2 cents?


I found myself in a situation where I have to learn on my free time if I wanted to level up/keep up to date at least. San Francisco opened my mind and I decided I am here to learn as much as possible and feel inspired.

During this time I have had the opportunity to go to several meetups and met really amazing people. Some of the meetups I liked were:

  • Nodeschool @ Mozilla SF HQ: even when being a Java dev, I decided to learn node. Once I tried, I loved it. The Nodeschool guys were really nice and approachable. Best way to learn Node 🙂
  • Product that counts @ Yelp HQ: met CMO from lyft, exCMO from Slack, main GH from Uber… Really high profile people, always useful to know their way of working in high growth startups.
  • Twitter dev conference: won a snowboard and learnt a lot about the scalability challenges Twitter is facing.
  • Startup grind @ Pivotal Labs: met the Medallia founders and Meerkat founder on different occasions. Realized SF is a really good place to work on your ideas and pitch to similar entrepreneurs.
  • Code+Cookies @ WeWork HQ: Exchanged different point of views with js devs. Questions about fast prototyping, tests, wiring setup, boilerplate code… is a good thing to talk to other devs.
  • App a month @ Google SF HQ: Found out the speakers were the creators from React native and Yeoman. Got inspired about work I could do in 2016. Just realized SF is an amazing place to meet great quality devs 😉



  • Kafka and data flow architectures.
  • Data integration with 3rd parties. Writing clients, using exporters and scheduled methods for data integrations.
  • Metrics exposure and dashboard monitoring
  • Big data processing and indexing.
  • Decided to give it a go to Elastic search. Used it in a couple of projects, definitely will use it for monitoring (ELK) and information indexation. Really easy to use with Spring data.
  • Got into node. Really liked Express, something I am going to continue working on next year
  • Architecture sense of cloud applications in general. Started with Google Compute Engine and experimented with lot of setups. Was amazed how easy is to setup machines, have rules for autoscaling


  • Tech world is really innovative. Don’t be afraid of failing, just go ahead and overcome the issues. It is ok to fail if you come back up.
  • You need a great team to create an idea. Just be nice and bold, the SF mantra in my opinion.
  • On an idea, try to get the domain expert and the one that can connect you to. Connections are as important as building the solution. Sometimes it is better to choose others’ ideas instead of yours.

Coming 2016

There are a lot of things I want to do in 2016 related to tech.

My main tech objectives are:

  • Write a generator for Yeoman. Probably a https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-prix/ hybrid combining JHipster, monitoring and backbone. My main objective is to be able to create projects with an idea during Friday, and have them finished and live by Sunday. It is ambitious but something I am aiming for the first 6 months.
  • Finish one of my most ambitious projects: Utiltube. At least relaunch it and start iterating over it.
  • Write on this blog at least 3 times/month.
  • Go to tech meetups as much as possible. I guess 3 times/month will make it.
  • Give at least a tech conference. Decided it was time to exposing myself to the tech world. This is how the blog started.
  • Refresh back old CS theory
  • Contribute to open source
  • Help others work on their ideas, providing tech knowledge

Let’s see how we enter 2016 and hoping to have a wonderful year learning and enjoying with the loved ones.

If you think I can help you with any tech question and you are around SF, just send me a message. Would love to talk 😉

Happy New year 2016,


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