Year 2016: Resolutions

After 2015 being an interesting year I made my mind to level up on some of the cool technologies that are breaking through. Being my job mainly focused on big data applications and exposure of services, I decided to get more knowledge on frontend technologies as well as instrumentation.

I made a list for the year 2016 of things I want to learn/write about:


  • Design and exposure of services. Best practices.
  • Generated auto-documentation (Ex: swagger)
  • Generated clients for api (GCE, Endeavor)
  • Postman as http client
Open source

  • Writing open source project about scalable api prototyping tool
  • Github learnings when building open source projects

  • Streams
  • Api design
  • Express & passport.js
  • Idea prototyping
  • meetups

  • Profiling
  • Spring data
  • Spring boot
  • Big data processing
Modern webapps

  • JHipster as a tool
  • Learnings from a yeoman generator
  • Architecture of a scalable webapp

  • React.js
  • Angular
  • Backbone.js
  • ES2015
DB migrations

  • From normal sql to Liquibase
  • Flyway db

  • Monitoring and logging: ELK and Influxdb+Grafana
  • Docker as a tool for development
  • Docker as a tool for production
  • Continuous integration and deployment through Jenkins

I guess each of these will be different posts. I will update this page with new posts that get made.

When learning about this, I would like to work on some projects:

  • Video streaming app for show relevant information (carry off from 2015)
  • Live video streaming app for events
  • News digest depending on the time you have to read
  • News publisher
  • Social media profile saas

Looking forward to do lot of things! If anyone is interested specially on any of these topics please let me know!

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