Techcrunch: 9th Annual Crunchies

This year I decided to go to the 9th Annual Crunchies in San Francisco.

During the acheter sildenafil 50 mg zenegra last years I followed the awards and it is always interesting to know about how the startup world is doing.
This year I wanted to be in person.

9th Annual Crunchies

9th Annual Crunchies

It is inspirational to see people like you that are working in tech made it and are changing the world to make a better place.

Specially for me, the section I liked more was CEO of the year.
I guess it is because these founders 10 years ago were building things and now are transforming the world.
I think what made them great was the idea of changing the world in first place rather than getting money.
Of course there is always a tradeoff and both have to coexist, but it always amazed me how they went so far.

For example, Elon Musk was nominated on this category and in my mind he is the one to see as a role model of CEO or entrepreneur.
From a vision like SpaceX or Tesla, to really have it done, it is something I wish I can do at some point with my own ideas.

I think that drive and passion is what makes them who they are today and the change they are doing and will do in the future.

End of crunchies awards

End of crunchies awards

If you work in tech and need some inspiration, I would recommend going to the 2017 edition.

It is always good to see other point of views and it can give you an indication of where to lead your way if you want to do a big impact.

For more information about the event and nominees, have a look to the TechCrunch post .

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