Hi there!

I’m Jose, a software engineer working in San Francisco (California). On my free time I love to work on side projects and learning new technologies. My focus is on high distributable applications, software architectures and continuous integration.
Currently working for Brandwatch, a social media monitoring company. There, I work on the Engineering team on backend focused tasks.

Pitch tvlp Silicon Valley

Pitching competition on VC Taskforce


I studied in Seville, moved to England for work and currently living in San Francisco, one of the coolest cities I have ever been. I have worked on startups, medium and big companies. Love the startup vibe and the idea of scaling a prototype from its conception to a business that is able to serve millions of users.

Like to work on backend and frontend, although I like also the idea of working on mobile apps. Love to design high availability architectures and always passionate to learn new things.


Apart from coding at work and my free time, you will find me doing Jiu Jitsu, travelling and finding surf spots.
At the moment, I am focusing my energies in meeting people in San Francisco and around Silicon Valley in general. You will probably find me on dev conferences and meetups like Yelp (Product counts), Docker and Javascript (Reactor).


People describe me as a nervous mind, I just need the time to work on them ;). You will normally find me in Workshop cafe in SF or any Starbucks around Menlo Park. I am always opened to new projects and happy to give my feedback as well, so if you are around the valley, why not meet?

Jose David Baena explaining Utiltube

Explaining one of the ideas at a pitching competition


I mainly work as a backend developer although I love frontend and how the web is evolving.
I feel confident working with:

  • Backbone on the frontend behind a http://www.buy-trusted-tablets.com express server for low computational endpoints. Fan of Angular although React is driving my interest
  • Java and Spring. Providing REST api and oAuth as a resource authorization mechanism.
  • Postgresql as the database to store data Love the art of performance tuning.
  • Caching strategies (memcache, ehcache)
  • Search index (Solr). Although had a look to Elastic Search and there are a lot of cool things going on.


Have some project you want to work or talk about it? Need some guidance? Need a cofounder?

  • Drop me an email at josedab-at-gmail-dot-com
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Follow me on Twitter