Meetups & talks

Here are some of the meetups I keep track to do a recount at the end of the year. Some of them will link to its own post. If you are around SF and know a meetup that could be of interest, please let me know!


  • Building and releasing mobile applications @ Uber HQ
  • GDG DevFest San Francisco @ Google LaunchPad
  • Expert Panel on Streaming Analytics Technologies @ Stubhub Ebay SF
  • Immutable Apps by Lee Byron @ Real World React – Nerdwallet SF
  • Building products on the Amazon Way @ Yelp HQ
  • React, Data Handling & the JS Event Loop @ NewRelic SF
  • Netflix: from Good to Great @ Yelp HQ
  • Techcrunch: 9th Annual Crunchies awards
  • Docker workshop @Docker HQ: Jerome Petazzoni introduction to Docker
  • Building microservices with Spring Cloud @ Pivotal SF


  • Build Cross-Platform Apps Faster @ Google SF: Tips from Makers of React Native and Yeoman
  • [Code + Cookies] Building a Modern Web App with React.js + Ampersand
  • Twitter Flight: Developer conference @ Twitter
  • Slack Growth Strategies @ Yelp HQ (Product that counts) given by Slack Ex CMO
  • Everyday disruption @ Yelp HQ (Product that counts): Lyft CMO on Everyday Disruption
  • Founder world
  • Building Mobile (Product that counts)
  • Sean Ellis on Product Meets Growth @ Yelp HQ
  • Participated at Final Pitch Event Silicon Valley TVLP Spring 2015 (Gave talk)
  • Author of Hooked Nir Eyal on how to build habit forming products @ Yelp HQ (Product that counts)
  • Continuous Deployment: Talk and Q&A session @ Brighton Java (Gave talk)
  • Talks evening: Git @ Brighton Java