Meetup: Building Microservices with Spring Cloud

Last Tuesday I went to a meetup at Pivotal about Building Microservices with Spring Cloud. At my current company we are moving towards a Service oriented architecture and I was curious about some of the projects that appeared recently on Spring source.

I have to say this is one of the talks I learnt more in around hour and a half and, as soon as I got home, I was already coding a configuration service provider for some toy app microservices 🙂 […]

Spring boot logo

Choosing Spring Boot as part of your stack

I have been developing in Java for the last 6, 7 years and I have seen lot of changes. Have followed Spring framework since version 1 and I have to say I am really impressed in relation to what they are achieving. Some years ago I had a look to Spring Roo, a RAD tool for creating web applications. At that time, I learnt a lot about web development and best practices but things were changing towards API centered applications and javascript apps (as clients). […]