Creating an application with JHipster

Recently I talked about JHipster, a generator for Yeoman.
This generator has helped me a lot during the quick prototype of ideas as well as learning from the code.
In this post, I will go through an example on how to create an application with this generator. For this case, the application is going to consist on an Event Manager. […]

My purpose of using Yeoman

Sometimes ago I found myself in the situation that I used to write lot of common code for several projects. If you have worked/created several ideas with similar stack you may have found that there are lot of parts of the code that are similar and probably even duplicated with slightly changes. It is not code duplication,[…]

Frontend, Backend architecture proposed on Amazon

Software prototyping and ideas coming into life

There is nothing perfect in Software. I always think about how things could have been done better and sometimes in our profession we tend to over engineer work that is already there. I think this is a double edge case where you can get lost in perfection or you work on something that does not convince you.

I had both feelings when working with some projects and this post is about some thoughts I had that I wish someone had told me for quick prototyping and weekend ideas. […]