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Microservices: Zipkin, distributed tracing

This is the 5th part of the Developing Microservices with Spring Boot series. After being able to create an edge service, compose services on Zuul and monitor the proxy connections with Hystrix dashboard, we will have a look to how to create traces that can be monitored.
This will let us to visualize a call from beginning to end, analyze timeouts, etc…
Being able to trace any request is a nice to have feature in our microservice infrastructure.  The full code is available on github. […]

Meetup: Building Microservices with Spring Cloud

Last Tuesday I went to a meetup at Pivotal about Building Microservices with Spring Cloud. At my current company we are moving towards a Service oriented architecture and I was curious about some of the projects that appeared recently on Spring source.

I have to say this is one of the talks I learnt more in around hour and a half and, as soon as I got home, I was already coding a configuration service provider for some toy app microservices 🙂 […]